\ Yesterday's Lament 3

Yesterday's Lament
by Peg Keeley

Part 3

Steve and Danny got out of the car in the parking lot in front of the radio station. They were met inside the door by Mac, who looked like he was dressed more for the beach than the office.

Steve showed his badge. "Five-0. We'd like to speak with Ms. Kanae."

Mac turned and gestured through the glass of the soundproof studio where Mali sat on a stool, headset on, her back to them. In a sudden explosion of anger, she pitched the sheet music to the floor. Mac smiled. "She's a little temperamental today."

"Obviously," Steve replied.

Mac turned down the sound in the headset and Mali turned around, spotting the two officers immediately. She issued an unheard oath and tossed the headset aside. Coming to the door, she opened it and leaned against the frame, her raven hair loose around her shoulders, her pretty face set angrily.

"Well," she started, "if it isn't Batman and Robin."

"Miss Kanea, we'd like a word with you," Steve said, ignoring her remark.

She nodded. "You're McGarrett. I remember you." She glanced at Danny, but did not speak to him. "So, what do you want? I haven't done anything wrong. My parole officer-"

"We've already spoken with him. This isn't about parole. It has to do with Lewis Watanabe, your Aunt Sarah, and--" Steve paused for effect, "--your son, Lonnie."

Mac's eyes widened.

Steve noticed it. "I think we should speak privately."

Mali turned nonchalantly, and gestured them down the hall to the tiny snack room guarded by a vending machine on either side of the door. She shut the door behind them. "So?"

"You do have a son named Lonnie?" Steve clarified.

She glanced at Danny, a glint in her eye. "So what if I do?"

"He was abducted from your aunt's home yesterday."

She raised a hand. "Now, hold on. He's fine. Lewis didn't mean to alarm her. It was a misunderstanding."

"Stop the games, Mali," Danny blurted. "You lied to me. You said you had no baby."

"No," she cut him off. "I said you had no baby."

Steve intervened. "You told Officer Williams you had an abortion, which wasn't true. You delivered a son fourteen months ago at Human Hospital." He pulled out a copy of the birth certificate. "You listed Dan Williams as your son's father."

"Well." She smiled. "Good for you. So, I decided to yank his chain," she said to McGarrett, tossing her head towards Danny. "So what? That's not a crime."

"It is if you are assisting Watanabe in espionage. What do you know about Lewis Watanabe?" Steve asked.

She shrugged. "He's a talent scout. He's giving me a second chance."

"And a whole lot more," Danny interjected. "And you're giving him--what?"

She glared at him. "My life," she hissed. "And why not. You said me a week ago. I was a hag, no hope, no future. In just a few days Lewis has turned all that around for me. I have a chance to make it really big."

He shook his head. Doesn't she ever learn?

Steve tried once again to get the questioning back on track. "Mali, what do you do here for Lewis?"

"I sing," she said simply.

"Sing? Sing what?"

"Songs. Folk songs mostly. He likes to feature new writers and composers. I sing the material."

"May I see some of the pieces?"

"I imagine you have a search warrant?" she commented.

Steve waved it.

She snatched it from his hand and left the room headed for Mac.

Danny took a deep breath and glanced at Steve. "Not exactly repentant."

McGarrett have a half grin, but did not reply.

Mali returned and tossed a piece of handwritten sheet music at them.

Steve scanned it quickly for anything obvious, then passed it on to Danny. Both of them could read music, but neither could see anything unusual. "I'd like to borrow this," Steve informed her.

"I'll get Mac to make a copy. Anything else?" she asked with a cold glare.

"Where's Lonnie?" Danny asked.

For the first time, her composure slipped. "With Lewis."

"Where's that?"

"Oh, off and around somewhere." Although trying to sound casual, her voice quivered.

"I want to see him," Danny persisted.

"I can't do that," she replied through tight lips.

There was a pause of silence in which they stood looking at each other, both of them stubborn and neither willing to yield.

Finally, it was Mali who glanced at Steve. "Um, McGarrett, would you give us a minute alone?"

He nodded, patting Danny's arm and closed the door behind him.

For a moment, the only sound was that of the vending machine as the compressor kicked on. Mali sat down on the edge of the small table. "Pretty hard on you, huh?"

He did not answer immediately. "I don't understand you, Mali, I never did."

She at the floor, the ceiling, anywhere but at him. "I guess I really screwed it up this time."

He took that as an apology. "I have to ask: Lonnie is my son, right?"

She looked at him now, surprise in her eyes. "Of course. I don't just sleep around you know. I really wanted to make it with you. You gotta remember, I didn't know who you were then. I thought you were a nice, simple beach-boy. You weren't honest with me either. Afterwards, I really did have plans to abort, but it was late in the pregnancy, I was scared. I could feel him move inside me. So, I was going to get rid of him after he was born, sell him to rich folks or something, but after I held him, I couldn't. And he doesn't look haole, not at all. He's a good baby, too. I just don't want you in his life. There's no space for you."

He mentally digested that then asked, "Where is he?"

"I don't know." Tears suddenly sprang to her eyes. "Lewis took him from Sarah's place because I wasn't going to sing his silly songs."

"Did he threaten to hurt Lonnie?" Danny demanded, fear growing in his chest.

She thought. "No, not in so many words, but he made me feel afraid. I don't know what to do. Those songs are terrible music. There's got to be a big reason why he wants me to sing them. And Mac out there--Lewis is scared of him."

Danny straightened. The sound man had not seemed like a person of consequence. Now he began to consider the possibilities. "Where's Lewis?"

She shook her head. "He'll be back here at five o'clock."

He glanced at his watch. "It's 1:30. Just sit tight, Mali. Do whatever he tell you. Call me with anything you learn, but be careful." He handed her his card. "And don't take any chances. Can you convince Mac out there that we didn't enjoy this exchange?"

She snickered. She slammed the door open with sudden vengeance. "Get the hell out of here, little man!" she shouted.

Steve spun in surprise from the desk.

As they got into the Lincoln, Steve turned. "Well?"

Danny fastened the seatbelt. "Lewis has kidnapped Lonnie to make her cooperate and sing the music. She's scared to death."

McGarrett started the engine. "And I think we've found out how Pat Ginko plans to pass on the stolen missile codes."


Mali walked back to the snack room and sat down at the table, playing with her hair. She knew that Danny and McGarrett thought there was some kind of message in the sheet music. What kind of message? Secret spy type of stuff? Whatever it was, Lewis was certainly serious about the songs being sung. There are four songs. Mac always locks them up in the desk in the office. She also knew that the one he'd copied for Five-0 was not one of the four songs. McGarrett's team could look at that score for years and never find the message because it wasn't there. What do I do? I somehow got Lonnie and myself into this, it's up to me to get us out. If Lewis values those scores, then that is were my strength lies. If I can take them, maybe I can use them to get Lonnie back.

She walked back out to the mixer where Mac was playing with some wiring.

"You okay?" he asked her. "Those guys are pretty scary."

"Who? Danny and McGarrett?" She shrugged. "They're nothing. They're way out in left field somewhere. You hungry?"

He shrugged.

"Would you go get me something to eat? I want to work on the music some more. Lewis will be happy if he sees I mean business."

He hesitated.

"Oh come on. I don't need a full time babysitter, those cops won't be back that quick. The grill is just a block away. Come on, Mac," she pleaded.

"Okay." He gave in. He handed her the sheet music she'd been working on earlier. "I'll just be a few minutes."

She watched as he headed out of the door, walked across the small parking lot and disappeared in the direction of the fast food stand. She turned and raced down the narrow corridor to Lewis' office. She burst through the locked door with little trouble and quickly searched through the desk for the other three musical scores. As she tugged on the drawers, she quickly discovered one to be locked. It took valuable time as she fumbled with a paper clip to pick the lock. This looks so easy on TV. Unsuccessful, she rattled the drawer anxiously. Then she spotted the tool box in the corner. Scooping up a hammer and screwdriver, she wedged in the head of the screwdriver, then slammed the handle with the hammer. Wood splintered as the drawer burst open. She scattered the contents in her haste, but there was no music. Frustrated and aware that she was running out of time, Mali dropped the drawer, just happening to turn in over. There was an a manila folder taped to the bottom. She tore it loose. Inside were the other three music scores for the folk songs.

Not waiting to praise herself, she dashed for the exit, looked quickly around and then raced for her life to put distance between her and the radio station.


Mali did not stop to catch her breathe until she had run several blocks. A bus was just pulling up to the stop as she rested. It did not matter where it was going, she got on. As the bus slowly pulled back out into traffic, she relaxed back on the seat to contemplate her options. Five-0 will want these sheets, they think there is some kind of secret code in them. Maybe there is. But if I get the music to them, how will I get Lonnie back? I could trade the music for Lonnie. Of course Lewis would be angry. I would agree to still sing the songs. But should I? What are these secrets? She considered all the Lewis had given her. It was too good to be true. If I give the music to Danny, he will certainly want to be sure Lonnie is returned safely. But what happens to me? He'd probably get me locked up so he could keep Lonnie without me. That is exactly what he'd try to do. And he's friends with all those legal people.

At last, the bus dropped her off in downtown Honolulu near the marina. Still not completely certain of the choice to make, she pulled out Danny's card and went to the pay phone and dialed the number.

A feminine voice answered the ring. "Five-0."

"I need to speak to Danny Williams please."

The person hesitated. "He's not in the office, may I take a message?"

"Is Steve McGarrett there?"

Jenny could detect the fear in the voice. "Is there someone else who could help you? Can I do something for you?"

She bit her lip. "I don't know. No, no, I don't think so."

"May I ask who's calling?"

"I'll call back." She hung up. She waited a minute or two, then called the radio station.

"KHON," Mac answered, but his voice was tense.

He knows I've taken the music. "This is Mali."

"You'd better get back here before Lewis does." Mac's voice sounded angry, yet relieved to hear her. "If you come back now, I'll help you with an alibi. I'll make sure Lewis brings your kid over. If you don't come back now, you'll have a lot of trouble."

So will you. "Find Lewis," she stated. "I'll call back. You have what I want, I have what you want. You give me my son, you get your stinking music. If you don't do it my way I take the stuff to Five-0."


"You just left her here!" Lewis was still shouting at Mac. "She'd just had those to guys from Five-0 here and you left her? One of those guys were her ex-lover, the father of her kid. You didn't see a problem with that?"

Mac scowled. "We'll get her back."

"No, Mac. I'll get her back. Your boss will know this was your fault."

The phone rang.

Lewis snapped it up. "KHON."

"Lewis, it's Mali. I want Lonnie."

"Mali," he said trying to be calm and reassuring. "I am so glad you called. Why did you do this? You don't know the risk you are taking. Look, I have bosses, too. They find out about this and they kill you, me, Lonnie, everybody. Just come back here at let us work this out. If you'd told me you wanted to see Lonnie so bad, I'd have found a way. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I want Lonnie, Lewis. You get this music when I get me son."

"Mali, I don't have him right here. I need time to locate him. I think the babysitter took him to the zoo today."

She was not amused. "It's 4:00, Lewis. You have two hours."

"Okay. I can get him by that time. You come back here and-"

"No. Bring him to Kapiolani Park."

There was silence. Lewis knew she was smart enough to want a public place. "How about the big marina? It's by the park."

She bit her lip. "Why there?"

"I have a boat at lock 46. I'll have Lonnie there for you. You bring the scores. And, Mali, nobody else. Understood?" He hung up. He pulled a gun out of his file cabinet and checked that it was loaded.


Mali sat in a coffee shop where she could keep an eye on the area of the marina where Lewis would meet her. As she gazed out towards the harbor, she had the opportunity to reconsider the choices she was making and the gravity of the situation. It's Lonnie's life at stake. No matter what, he must be safe. Danny would certainly understand that. He'd never endanger his son. She remembered Danny's stricken expression when she'd told him she'd aborted his child. Why was I ever so cruel? He tricked me, he lied to me and betrayed me. He doesn't deserve to ever lay claims to such a wonderful son as Lonnie -- yet he is Lonnie's father. It was wrong. She could see clouds bubbling up out on the horizon. A storm was gathering strength out on the ocean and moving in towards the island. It can't rain! I did not plan on rain. The dock will be deserted and Lonnie will get wet. A large rain drop slid down the window. Another chased it. I must bargin with Lewis. I'll tell him I made copies and if he doesn't let me go, they'll be mailed to Five-0. Will he believe me? I don't know. It might have been a good idea, but I haven't even got the money to make copies. She sighed and drew her legs up under her on the plastic booth seat. What about the people Lewis is doing this for? Codes and things sound like spies. Can I deal with spies? The rain was a steady mist, the pavement outside was beginning to collect puddles covered in small rainbows of oil.

Nervously, Mali rose from her booth and went to the counter where a burly man sat consuming an order of curly fries. "Excuse, me can I beg a quarter from you? I need to make an important phone call." I cannot believe I have been so humiliated as to have to beg a quarter from the stranger!

He sized her up and grinned. "You sweet, chick. You can borrow any of me that you want." He squeezed her arm.

She managed a smile, accepted the coin then hurried away to the phone booth in the far corner. I wish Danny was here. God, I never thought I'd be telling myself that! She dropped the coin into the slot and, checking Danny's card, dialed the number.

Jenny picked up the phone again. "Five-0."

"Dan Williams, please."

A moment's pause, then a new voice. "Lukela."

She started to hang up.

As if sensing it, Duke said quickly. "Don't hang up, Mali. Talk to me."

She frowned. "You know who I am?"

"I knew you might call back," he said quietly. "You did call before, right?"

She scowled. "I need to talk to Danno."

"I know you do. Tell me where you are and I'll have him come to you."

"No, I want to talk to him. If he comes, Lewis will know! He said no cops!" She glanced around the room. If she had been overheard, no one cared.

"What's going on, Mali. Please, just talk to me. I can get a message to him." Duke hoped the trace would go quickly. He pressed the little button to request the trace as soon as Jenny had told him it was a female asking for Danny.

"I have the music with the hidden codes in it; the ones you all want to badly. Danno said he'd help get Lonnie back."

"Mali, do not make a deal with Lewis, wait for Danny," Duke advised.

"It's too late. I'm meeting Lewis in a few minutes," she said.

"Mali, don't. You'll get Lonnie and you killed! Where are you?"

The phone gave a melodic ding and issued a metalic voice. "Please insert twenty-five cents for the next three minutes."

"Mali, don't hang up!"

"I don't have the money."

"Give me the number, I'll call you back," he pleaded.

"Kapiolani Marina, lock 46, 6 o'clock." She hung up. Her hands were shaking visibly as she turned away. He thinks this is too dangerous. I don't have a choice anymore. She glanced at her watch; 5:30. If I go early, I can hide down there and see Lewis when he arrives. I can surprise him. She lingered another few minutes, then slipped out of the coffee shop into the light rain. Isn't surprise supposed to be some kind of special trick in these things? At least I'll have that.

"Just act natural, Mali," Mac's voice came as he stepped in behind her.

She gasped in surprise.

"I've been watching you in there for a while. Who'd you call? Your cop boyfriend?"

"I called the weather report," she snapped.

"Yeah," he chuckled. "Let's go." He pointed towards the marina. "I've got a gun and I still get the scores if you're dead, so don't do anything cute."

"I just want Lonnie," she told him.

Mac led her down to the wharf and to the lock were a twenty foot power boat was tied up. As they approached, Lewis stepped out of the little cabin, Lonnie on one arm.

When the child saw his mother, he reached out his arms and began to whine.

Mali resisted the urge to run to him. "Lonnie!" she called, happy to see him.

"I told you he was fine," Lewis commented. "I really don't know why you've caused all this mess. It's made me look bad is certain circles."

"I don't care how back you look," she retorted. "I want my son."

"I want the music," he snapped back.

She pulled the envelope from her bad. "Lonnie first."

He grinned. "What kind of a fool do you think I am? Mac."

Mac, standing behind her, snatched the envelope from her hand and passed it down to Lewis.

Lonnie continued to fuss and reach towards his mother. Lewis shifted him to the other arm. "Shut up, kid," he snarled and tore open the envelope. Cursing, he turned back to her. "It's empty!"

She smiled triumphantly. "It's in a safe place. If I go free with Lonnie, I'll mail it to you. If I don't, it goes automatically to Five-0."

Lewis gave a little chuckle that gradually built to a laugh. "You've been watching too many movies." The smile faded away. "I really don't want to hurt you, Mali. You have a lovely face. It would be a shame to waste it. And there is, of course, little son-of-cop here." He drew a gun and placed it against Lonnie's head. "Where is the music?"

Mali stifled a cry of fear. "I don't have them here!"

Before Lewis could speak again, there came a shout. "McGarrett! Five-0! Drop your weapon!"

Lewis turned, shocked. He couldn't see McGarrett, but yelled back, "I've got the kid! I've got the kid! I'll blow him apart! Mac, come on."

Mac jumped down into the boat, pushing Mali before him. Grabbing her as a shield, he pulled the bow line free and ducked with her into the cabin. He revved the engine and slammed it into all ahead as Lewis continued to crouch on the deck, gun at Lonnie's head.

Steve and Danny stood helplessly by as the boat roared out of the marina. Steve turned and ran to the car where he requested a patch the the Coast Guard, but Danny stood staring at the fleeing craft. He'd seen the fleeting glimpse of his son, in the clutches of a dangerous man and he was ready to storm into hell itself to get him back.


The small inboard power boat sped towards the open sea and into the throat of the oncoming storm. It was hopelessly ill-equipped to handle the waves that soon battered it. The wind rose, spraying seawater and rain against the windows of the cabin. Mali huddled low, comforting Lonnie who didn't mind the peril and was thrilled to be again with his mother.

Lewis and Mac spoke in hushed tones as the boat rose and fell in the ever increasing swells. As they clearing the harbor buoy, Lewis turned on a small transmitter and spun the dial to the frequency he wanted. He called out a message in Chinese.

The answer was almost immediate. There were cryptic sentences back and forth, then Mac turned to a new heading. A waved slammed the boat broadside, nearly capsizing it. "You have killed us both," Mac snapped to Lewis in Chinese.

Lewis shook his head. "There is still a way. We can take the codes directly to the ship."

"She doesn't have them," Mac replied.

"She does, I know she does," Lewis muttered.

Mac shook his head. "We cannot make it to international water. They must come inside the three mile limit."

"They will not."

Mac did not reply. "Hell of a ride ahead," he remarked in English. Through Mac's careful seamanship, they made slow progress and he kept zig-zagging the little craft through the wind and the waves. He wondered what kind of a match they would be if a Coast Guard cutter was searching for them. It was taking all his concentration to keep them afloat as waves splashed over the bow, ran back and down into the cabin. Dirty paper cups, old empty cans and other trash floated back and forth around their feet. Mali, now sobbing in fear, took hold of the only life jacket that seemed available, and tried to make it fit little Lonnie. He did not like it and fussed angrily with the straps. She tried to sing gently to him to calm them both, but her voice faltered and shook with fear.

Visibility was poor, and darkness was starting to fall. Mac and Lewis began to argue in Chinese and Lewis seemed to give in and picked up the transmitter mic again. He requested the larger ship move in.

The prompt response was negative from the unseen Chinese vessel.

Lewis asked again, claiming Mali had the codes they wanted and that the little craft would certainly capsize and sink before ever crossing the three mile limit into international water. He insisted the spy vessel move in.

The affirmative was edged in reluctance. They would close to two miles and no further.

Mac nodded and asked for new coordinates. He felt confident they would make the rendezvous. Several minutes later, they could see a large shape through the mist. Mac prayed it was not the Coast Guard. A spot light played across their boat and blinked rhythmically.

Lewis gave a cheer. "We did it!" He shouted in English.

The two boats closed the gap, the smaller bobbing to and fro in the waves. Mac brought it in close and Lewis secured a line to the ladder leading up the side of the larger ship. Mac, Lewis, and Mali (clutching Lonnie in his safety vest cocoon) scrambled up onto the slick and wet, but steady deck of the Chinese ship.

Just aft in a sheltered area stood an older Chinese man, dressed neatly in a white shirt with black slacks. He peered coldly at them through thick glasses. If the weather concerned him, it did not show on his face. "So," he began, "this is Malama Kanae whom you spoke so highly of."

Lewis lowered his gaze. "Yes, Hsin."

"You said she would cooperate. You claimed she was loyal to you," he continued, his eyes narrowing at Mali. "You have grossly over estimated her ability."

"He stole my son!" Mali blurted. "I would have done whatever he wanted, except he took Lonnie!"

Hsin's eyes widened slightly and he turned his attention to her as though she had said nothing. "Miss Kanae, you have been a great deal of trouble for me. You have property of mine. Give me the coded music now."

"Wait a minute," she said, fearlessly. "He stole my baby. I had to get him back. That's all I wanted. I was going to sing those ugly little songs -- not that they were any good."

"Where are the codes?" he demanded, anger rising in his eyes.

"In a safe place," she stated, glaring him in the eye. She was terrified, but hoped she could fake this.

He glanced at the two large seamen guarding the group. "I can have my men search you," he suggested without emotion. "They will be very thorough."

She eyed the men, one smiled broadly. "I'll give you your silly codes. What good are they to me? I just want free passage for my son and me."

"You are in no position to make demands," Hsin snarled.

Above the wind of the storm could be heard the sound of a rotor blade.

"This is the Coast Guard!" shouted an amplified voice. "Stand down and prepare to be boarded."

Hsin's eyes gleamed with anger. "Watanabe, you fail me."

Aboard the helicopter with the three guardsmen, Danny radioed the co-ordinates back to the cutter which, traveling slower, would arrive in several minutes.

A man on the ship lifted a machine gun and fired several rounds at the helicopter. He missed widely, but the pilot rose a bit, putting more distance between them and the ship. The pilot radioed for orders.

"Stop!" shouted Hsin. "We are in territorial water! It is an act of war!" He spun back towards the group. "Remove our waste," he snapped at one guard, "and full ahead to international water."

The man lifted his gun and shot first Lewis, then Mac as each managed one syllable of protest. Mali, screamed, knowing she was next and squeezed her eyes shut.

"Hold," Hsin said suddenly.

Mali opened her eyes, hopefully.

"Give those Americans something else to think about. Place Miss Kanae and her son in their boat and set it adrift." He paused and looked closely at Mali. "When you are safely back on land know this: I will come for you. I will have what you have hidden." His hand brushed over Lonnie's black curls. "It would be a shame for more harm to come to this child." He turned and walked away.

Mali wasn't sure how to take this. By some miracle, they were not to be shot. She looked down at the fragile craft and remembered how hard the boat had been to control. Still, the helicopter was right out there; they'd pick her up in no time. She almost happily let them help her back down the rope ladder to the boat. The line was cut, just as the large boat's engines gunned up to full speed.

Mali's small craft was almost capsized in the wake of the ship. It spun crazily. She had no means to control it as waves dashed over the sides.

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